Nutrikhina Natalia
* * * I don't want to fly by plane I am afraid for the lives of the passengers! I'm afraid my plane will fall down when we reach your town! And experts will say after discovering all the details about the crash that the plane had overcome earthly gravitation, but could not overcome my gravitation to you. Translated by Ilya Fonyakov

The Russians call cranes журавль (zhuravl'). Even though crane and журавль do not sound the same, they actually come from the same Proto-Indo-European root *ger-2 (to shriek) that gave us words like: crow and crackle. Cranes are migratory birds that travel in a caravan, free to cross a border, at least in the opinion of the composer of this tango. Здесь под небом чужим Я как гость нежеланный Слышу крик журавлей Улетающих вдаль Сердцу стало больней Видя птиц караванных В

Встретились мы в баре ресторана, Как мне знакомы твои черты. Помнишь ли меня, моя Татьяна? Мою любовь, наши прежние мечты? We met at the restaurant's bar, How familiar are your eyes. Do you remember me, my Tatiana? My love, our dreams from the past? Вижу губ накрашенных страданье, В глазах твоих молчанье пустоты. Где же, где, скажи, моя Татьяна, Моя любовь, наши прежние мечты? I saw your lips red with suffering, In your eyes silent emptiness. Where, where, tell me,

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ipatava volha
House. Hundred-year oak. A well-spring flowing And storks winging from a distant strand. ‘Human, grant that we may make our home here, Very sweet to us appears this land.' Wide the beaks of stork-chicks gape, appealing, In the low-land fields the years creep by, oyfully above the house are wheeling Two white crosses, like a guard on high. ...Summer rich in sap is growing stronger. Like molten quicksilver the sun's light. Two sick children in the nest still linger, That

soldatov boris
Non-resistance. Any dome-shaped rune is this Way? It is Way - more soft than the carpet of a city. Burning hot corks of transition… Cuts of ledge… Ugly thundershowers pinch the color of hairs. Ancestors kick is virtue. Anew think list of sins! Enjoy pain! Add the jerk of ray and, are strong streams of antelope, like flame, - will link the art! Glad kite, with inherent only to him by a cunning, - will

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