Abilova Dina
I admire the sky with every glance I make at it. I adore it, that divine chameleon. The one side is the night, the other is the day. While your sky above your city is like an endless blue blanket, spotted with white furry caterpillars of legless clouds, mine is satin bluish black, with stars scattered like rhinestones. At nights, the Moon poses for an artist. Sitting at his window he paints pictures of the Moon by candlelight.

Anders Valeria
On THE REASONS FOR THE RUSSIAN CATASTROPHE OF THE XX CENTURY Translator - Alex Jansen (First publication in English) PART 1 PHILOSOPHY OF CONTEMPORARY TRAGEDY In M. Avrutin's book are given new views and explanations of the events, which influenced not only the history of Russia, but also of the entire world. The wave of revolutions gave a ride on Europe in 17-18 centuries. It reached Russia only in the 20 century, but losses and tragic consequences of this revolutionary

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