About the meat products and the "meat мafia" in Europe.

1- New meatproducts SCANDAL in Europa

In the Internet appeared the information about the new scandal, connected with sale of  large volumes of meat, that contain the toxic products, dangerous for the health of people:

32 Railway waggons with many tons of poisenous meatproducts were confiscated at the Polish-Ukranian border within the framework of an investigation of Ukranian- and Belgian law-enforcement authorities.

  The investigation deals with meat products with increased contents of the highly toxic substance dioxin - the meat was in stock since 1999.
According to the obtained documents, the meat has been imported with falsified documents in

Here have been made of this meat products such as sausages and hamburgers. The planning was to re-import these products into European countries.

However, according to the representative of the Belgian authority of safety of food products, there are no indications whatsoever that products made of this meat with dioxin. arrived in the supermarkets.

In the deliveries of the poisenous meat the European countries
France,Germany, Netherlands and Belgium were working together.

http://www.euronews.net/en/article/10/09/2008/belgiu m-investigates-

Entirely within the framework of the investigation, allready

1400 tons of the meatproduct have been confiscated and destroyed.


This report on itself  asked attention to the fact that the methods of operation of this group the same, as there was in the previous meat Mafia, headed by Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin. The same methods of the forgery of documents and the large volumes of deliveries for obtaining the superprofits .
Read almost  as a detective story with the process against Europe largest meat maffia in the history of the meat Mafia, sensational several years ago, organized by this criminal pair.
Unfortunately, the Court decision, carried out by Belgian law court, until now is not given to the performance. Not this whether complete impunity did give birth to the appearance of the second wave of the delivery of toxic products?
 Connection of the first mafia group of Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin. with “the continuers of their matter” thus far open to question, but the consequence conducts the study of the matters.

Сase of  J.P.Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin in Gent.

The partners J.P. Verhaeghe  and N. Sentobin  ( ex-married couple ) planning made business as crime.

They rented a factory, leased all equipment and produced meat products. In case of bankruptcy they had no risk to loose there money or  properties.

In the beginning they had normal products, but after having built up a clientele, they started with inferior products, and then with dangers for health of people  included offal products, meat from animals with sickness, (they can receive almost for nothing dead animal, destined for destructions), carrion from African savanna (zebra), hormone treated animals etc.
From large sizes meat the stamps were cut away and new stamps attached.

The veterinary certificates were falsified and customs stamps copied  - thus extending the fraud.
Productions of such  terrible sausages in big amounts gave that couple  tenths millions $ in there accounts !
But that was not  enough  for super-greedy criminals :

they  claimed and received  many millons US dollars restitution money (subsidies). This restitution was made by the European Community to support the economy of East European countries who just became free of the strong Russian influence.

Many companies  from England to Russia who traded these “meat” products lost their money to dangerous inferior products who were even not accepted as petfood (animal food) – several of these companies went bankrupt as a result of the manipulations of this meat-mafia. They even had to pay for the destruction of that garbage.

Some companies tried to claim money back but the criminals answered: “if you try to get money back, you are loosing time”

They even told us:”If you are not with us, you will receive nothing for we have everyone under control – till the highest level”.

After that the only way was to start a court-case.
But some companies did not want to participate in this court process since they were not sure about the outcome of the Belgian court. Some companies – like Antrex and VWC were enough optimistic – or maybe naïf – to start the process.

A police investigation had been started and VWC  has presented a sample of the bad product  and further fully cooperated during the investigation.

 After 10 years study the police investigation represented about 10 meters dossier maps proving the fraud with import- and export papers, false veterinary certificates and customs documents etc.
There was even made a hint of connection to the murder of the veterinarian  dr.van Noppen who had collected to many facts about the hormone mafia, but a connection could not be proven.

Finally the court case started and that was the biggest fraude process  in Europe.
J.P.  Verhaeghe  and N. Sentobin   pleaded guilty.
The fraudulous couple was convicted to pay a big penalty to the State and also they had to pay money to the damaged civil parties.  They also were convicted to prison in case they would continue fraud.

The process finished almost  3 years ago and the day after the judgment, the State received from the arrested Swiss accounts of the criminals about several millons  US dollars. The civil parties received nothing -in spite of the court ruling- till this time.

The lawyers of the civil parties tried to arrest properties of the criminals , but the judges did not accept these arrests and still the criminals did not pay and  make long noses to the  court and civil parties.

If the criminals do not follow the court decisions and they are again making fraud and should in fact go to prison. They commit fraud  against the law and only that could have them to pay back to victims of there criminal activity.

They are both avoiding payment and going in prison with the help of the Belgian court.
Their lawyers tried to make them innocent and the public prosecutor did not press on the criminals when they were declaring
themselves  insolvent.

It is very cynical that they consider themselves a poor victims !

They continued their fraudulous behavior and at one side they 

declared  to be solvent but refused to pay the damaged parties.

Their lawyers are protecting them and supposedly advised them where to hide their money.

They even were complaining that they had to pay big amounts of money to their lawyers (one mentioned 300.000 EUR) which was unfair to their mind, The criminals clearly prefer to pay lawyers instead of paying the damaged parties (as decided by the court).

By the way, one criminal is living in Monaco and the other is living in Belgium in a very big  house  in a rich area .
Till this moment the Belgian justice system is still protecting them against all rightful demands from the damaged parties.

That gives a very unfair feeling of the system, which supports the criminal group, but not the victims .

The situation with the meat maffia in Belgium is under juridical consideration.

The first & second wave of the meat maffia should be judged seriously and strong before tragic accidents will take place.

  Next court session - J.P.  Verhaeghe  and N. Sentobin  (Belgium) against Co. VWC (Holland) will be in Gent on 27. apr. 14.00 hr.
at address-Paleis van Justitie.

Interview with Co VWC made A. Ivanov

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    I studied the case of Fudimpeks, when it was accessible after the end of process. I also read the articles in the Internet, dedicated to the matter Fudimpeks, and to their leaders J.P.Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin, which organized the largest mafia group in the world on production and sale of low-grade meat products. These were not simply the products of low quality, but dangerous for the health people. In Russia left the article with the warning about the health hazard the use of such products. And even animal they could not be given, even dogs and to cats!
    The violent crime of this criminal pair it was proven by the 10-year efforts of many people from the special organizations, the institutes and the services.
    But WHY, until now, it is not possible to lead sentence for the performance?
    Why THE SUPREME COURT of Gent is powerless to throw into the prisonand , to force them to pay off the money, which they did obtain from the buyers?
    Why law in Belgium does support criminals, but not the victim of crime? After the carrying out of sentence, the Belgian DEURVAARDER - -Belgian judicial executor , arrested the large house, where N. Sentobin lives near Gent. But Belgium law court removed arrest this rich house of the type of the palace under the pretext, that it not to its name, but - the name of her firm, Ko.Natko.
    Criminals showed large nose to the victims of their criminal activity and law court.
    It is it\'s a pity, that their statement, made in the address Кo. VWC, proved to be not the joke: “If you not with us, then never you will obtain your back money, we all control to the summit level”. It turns out that the principle of the construction of mafia structure operates, until now.
    Helplessness of Belgian justice on the face of farce. International judicial organizations in the complete surprise and the bewilderment.
    It is known that the Mafia presses by threats and bribes by money.
    I hope that the Supreme Court for them is unattainable and the Supreme Court of Belgium will pass valid equity decision.
    The final resolution of the High Court sentence takes place in April and it will be proclaimed in Gent on April 27 at 14 h.-Paleis van Justitie.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    the impunity of criminal pair astonishes.
    Even in the USA them long ago they would call to the answer! What they do wait judge in Europe?
    It is must to place conditions to criminals - pay out debts or go into the prison - years to 10-15. In order to realize its fault as to deal in the meat products, dangerous for the health!
    The leaders mafia group J.P. Verhaeghe en N. Sentobin, they must pay and compensate losses its victims!
    M.Etkins, USA

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    On the leaders mafia group J.P. Verhaeghe en N. Sentobin
    It is very pity, that the Court trial occurs in Belgium, but not in Russia, where they became bankrupt not one firm!
    Russian law court would give the life imprisonment in the prison to them with the seizure of property for the organization of mafia network and such large multimillion embezzlements of money in the entire world.

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  • Guest - Ivanov Andrei

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    I thank You all, who read and left opinions in the commentaries.
    On March 9 in Ghent took place session of the of biggest fraude in Europe on the creation “meat Mafia”, headed J.P. Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin.
    The criminal pair J.P. Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin attempted to lie and to shift. They attempted to show that the injured firms, the victims of their criminal activity, obtained the compensation for losses from the insurance companies, that allegedly with the victims suffered “they agreed”. After this statement the impression could be created, that the victims of their criminal activity already obtained the compensation of losses and now they pretend to obtain money for the second time!
    But this does not completely correspond to reality, as the answer they declared, that the INSURANCE COMPANIES REFUSED TO PAY out losses for the products, sent on the false, falsified papers, to such matters must be solved in the judicial order.
    The final resolution of the High Court sentence takes place in April and it will be proclaimed in Gent on April 6 at 14 h.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    It is astonishes, of course, from one side, that not only in Russia handle the swindlers, as is customary to declare in the Western decent countries with democracy and justice.
    But it is sad from the other side that also in Europe began the process of rotting/ decomposition.
    And, of course, impunity and explicit korruptsiya? Last and very clear example - milk shady transaction in China. This sensational tragic history is known to all. Is known sentence the capital punishment and the life imprisonment in the prison.
    Everything very simply is explained, if the scale of poisonings was a little less, then can and there they would attempt to manage without the sensation and is quiet everything to suppress as from Fudimpeks. But how many histories, similar to this of *meat* mafia, are not illuminated in media outlets?
    As meat with the foot-and-mouth disease from Argentina, and scandal with the meat + dioxine, and so forth/
    It turns out that in whom it is more than rights, money and connections, that is daring, that it did win ?! It turns out that the entire population is the hostage of the producers of products.
    Let us so that wish victory in this concrete process of victims of firm Fudimpeks . If nevertheless validity triumphs, then by all to us this gives hope for large protection in this peace.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    In the Netherlands died the man of “cow''s rabies”. This died the third person of the syndrome of Kreytsfeld- Jakob - the human form “cow''s rabies”, reports Reuters. Other two cases of death from the human form of cow''s rabies were registered in the Netherlands in 2005 and 2006.
    The syndrome of Kreytsfeld - Jakob is accompanied by morphological changes in the brain tissues and by appearance in them of amyloid platelets, which contain filamentary protein aggregates. The unique special feature of this illness is the fact that it can be transmitted further infectiously. In the human organism the infection can fall with the use of the sick meat of animals. From the beginning 1980- X the cases of this illness were registered in Great Britain and other European Countries. Under the conditions of the development of the network of the meat Mafia in Europe, no one knows, what meat in the sausages and other products the buyers eat. And who will pass away, will die the following? [E. Svetlov].

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    About Foodimpeks .
    I read article and with the surprise learned, that so long in Europe continue the court trials about the large machinations.
    When in Moscow they began to sell the sausage articles of firm Foodimpeks, then the cases of food poisoning with the diarrhea and the vomiting appeared. And I was one of the victims, therefore it was memorized.
    In the newspaper there was the article - do not buy meat from Foodimpeks, Belgium.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    China ended sensational process in the entire world matter concerning melatonin, which fell into the milk during the addition of cheap products to the milk powder. There was as a result they did fall ill and they did suffer 300 thousand kiddies and 6 of them died. The investigation of this process and the law court above the swindlers were engaged near 6 of months. Criminals, who let out milk with melanin, they sentenced: 2 - to the capital punishment, 3- to the life imprisonment in the prison, the remaining participants - different jail terms of up to 10 years.
    Let us compare it with the process above the firm FOODIMPEX, which with impunity produced the meat products, dangerous for the health of people. The investigation of the matter lasted 10 years, the law court of 5 years and still not finished. Criminals - leaders of mafia group J.P. Verhaeghe and N. Sentobin still on the freedom, in spite of the soft sentence of -2 years of prison (under conditions) and the payment of damage to the suffered companies. Remaining participants in the group avoided responsibility and after carrying out by them sentence they won by judgment their property from under arrest!

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    The leaders of the mafia group of J.P. Verhaeghe en N. Sentobin with the aid of their attorneys attempt to complicate the matter for the imposition of arrest on their property.
    But the Supreme Court has all authorities to find the valid of the solution and to support victims.
    Only decisive measures of crime control can stop the appearance of new groups of the meat Mafia in Europe.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Arise question- why the justice of Belgium does support the disturbance of the law, legality and the nonpayment of damage to victims, why it occurs on to occasion in mafiozi ? Does mean, their statement that they “do control in the country all to the very higher level” (in the protocol of the matter) actually, it is justified? Connivance to the criminals, who jeer above the Court decision, led to the appearance of the 2nd “meat Mafia” in Europe in those 15 years, until chapters of the 1st mafia group with impunity continued to be entertained on their villas and yachts. It is strange that the European Union and the European Parliament will not express their opinion on the crying problem. But the Belgian justice has responsibility for future of the country: contributing to the impunity of criminals, in the country cynical generation grows, ready to master the lesson “money does not smell”, they are ready to take an example from the elder “mill handles of business”, who made their millions over health and misfortune of many people.
    Only increase in the period of the punishment of the leaders of " Meat mafia" with the seizure of property to their name and to the names of relatives, daughter firms and the rest, and also the arrest of all their bank accounts, will allow all people in Belgium, and Europe to feel itself protected.
    Novik Olga

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