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Until recently, the Victory Day in Israel was not celebrated. Why? This is a separate issue. But for more than 5 years  in Haifa they do organize   the World War II veterans parade.  This is usually the last Friday before 9-th of May. This year the parade of veterans was held yesterday, on May 7.Here is a short photo essay.

Congratulate everyone on a holiday!Boris


photo  № 1


photo № 2



photo № 3


photo № 4


photo № 5


photo № 6


photo № 7


photo № 8


photo № 9


photo № 10

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Remembrance of the patriotic feelings in their second home land by the Russian veterans.
    It is good that everywhere the second world war and the capitulation are remembered.
    All veterans with their decorations in the sunshine is a good memory of that terrible past.
    It asks every person to prevent the return of these events.
    Thank you for the nice illustrating series photographs.

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