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                    Memory of Hans van Wijngaarden

Hans (Johannes Dirk) van Wijngaarden was born on June 30, 1933 in Bevervijk.
From his youth on he stood for humanisme, he denied to follow the call for military service on the principle “do not kill” . By court his military service duty was substituted for work in a hospital in the department roentgenology.
After completion of his alternative military service term, he went to Philips and started to work in the application laboratory for electron microscopy. Here he rendered regularly technical support “in the field” to the sales managers of the department S&I Export, particularly in the countries of East-Europe
especially the USSR. Despite the less comfortable working circumstances in those countries he liked this type of operation.   After some time he joint the S&I Export department as full member and became area manager analytical equipment USSR which position he maintained till he left Philips.
For his work Hans visited in the USSR Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi and many cities more.
   Ханс ван Вейнгаарден 
  30.06.1933 - 31.12.2010

With the delivery of electron microscopes to the institutes of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR he was introduced to the scientist Valeria Anders. This encounter proved to be significant for both of them. In April 1990 they married.

After arriving in
Holland, Valeria started to do business with Russia and together with Hans they created the Co.Europack which actively worked with Moscow, Petersburg and Kiev during the period of perestroika.

Being based in Geldrop, Hans and Valeria travelled on business throughout the world from Sydney to Singapore, from Norway to Dubai. They celebrated holidays in trips with their caravan “Caravaler” in the European countries.
Hans and Valeria had open house, there came many friends and there were encounters with interesting people as ex-champion Kuperman, the composer Molchanova, piano-player  Naimark, the artist Sacha Kosin, musicians, journalists, writers and poets.

 The last 5 years Hans van Wijngaarden was editor and sponsor in the project of literary club “Island  Anders” to promote russian writers and poets. Hans & Valeria  published 7 books in the Russian language and they were occupied of translation of some stories into English and French.
Everyone who had the luck to be associate with Hans knows him as a warm person, calm, benevolent  and hospitable. He was an interesting man, vegetarian and besides Dutch he managed 3 other languages. It is regretfull that he only left a few articles on our webside

Hans passed away on 31-12-2010 due to a short uncurable illness of heart (amyloidosis).Few hours before the start of 2011 his heart stopped.

Bright memories of Hans will forever live in our hearts.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Dear Valerie. As this all is not correct and it is foolish. I only yesterday congratulated you with Hans with the advancing New Year, it desired happiness and health and suddenly this event, which fadet away all that is bright, which was already and that still undoubtedly could happen… if this you somehow it can comfort, I I will repeat that the fact that it already told you repeatedly: you with Hans - excellent pair, now unfortunately already were… if you please accept my heart condolences.Always yours Vladimir.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    privet Valera , our sincere condolences my darling , Hans want you to be strong , take care ... hope to see you soon , love from all . Ol , Oksana , Leva , Francky .

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    For the first time I saw Hans years 30+ back in Moscow. He was the representator of firm Philips for the equipment for the electron microscopy. We, young then \" [mikroskopistki]\", were \"charmed\" by these stately handsome man with kharizma, first at his lecture, and then on the banquet. This was after the demonstration of electron microscopes in VNСPZ, the institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences. That evening Hans staggering danced, and then still he sang, he has perfect pitch and pleasant baritone. After several years, when Hans became the husband of my close friend Valeria, I frequently was in they house and was enraptured by their relations and unusual heat and kindness of Hans and by his refined culture.
    Hans was a man of encyclopaedic knowledge, what not touch, including to the literature and to the classical music at cet.
    Lot good it is possible to describe about Hans, very much…
    With great grief

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    We condole…
    We entered in 2011y. without Hans. It remained into 2010.
    We personally was introduced to this remarkable person during the trip to Holland. And it forever will be preserved in our memory as good, hospitable, the elegant and thoughtful person.
    Man are entire his life the preaching humanism.
    Dear Valeria!
    Accept our most sincere condolences. These are loss is irreplaceable. But you are not one, entire our site - this is your family. In these heavy hours we are sincere with you. And you always can design for our aid and support.
    We hope that in the very near future you will be able to arrive in us and to warm by soul.
    You are held, dear.
    Natasha and Boris.

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