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A little the history.

It is little known about the tribes of “nabatei”,
 from nowhere they arrived on, not how disappeared their civilization. There was this interesting people.
Joseph Flavius casually mentions on them. Heathens, merchants, who conducted caravans from
Arabia to Syria, to Israel, Egypt. It is ethnically close to the Arabs.
Nabatei  were skillful builders, those much adopted in Greeks and Romans. In emperor  Troyan 's times Nabateya became the East outskirts of
Roman empire.
Bedouins revealed that forgotten in the mountains in the territory of contemporary
Jordan the capital of Nabatei the city “Petra” many centuries later. And, being by people in the everyday plan unassuming, they became to use ruins of ancient city for its dwelling.

For the Europeans Petra   became  known since beginning 19 century, when it in 1812 revealed and described Johann Ludwig  Burkkhard, Swiss traveller and researcher. So that it is better to study the local customs,  Burkkhard  itself became "  beduin" - hi studied language, let go beard, it lived in the tent, even took pseudonym Ibrahim  ibn of Abdalla. And it was compensated - it entered into the history as the discoverer of
Petra - one of the miracles of light.

 But Johann Ludwig  Burkkhard  dearly paid for his discovery - he died young, in 1817, of dysentery, without having lived of up to 33rd years. In 1839 to Peter visited remarkable Scottish artist David Roberts (1796 - 1864). David Roberts was born in
Scotland, in the small settlement in the environments of Edinburgh, in the very poor family. Nevertheless, because of the talent and the purposefulness, Roberts became the acknowledged painter, the authentic master of view, who lustrously combines realism and photographic authenticity with the romanticism.



 David Roberts. Petra.


 David Roberts.  Petra -"the monastery"


 David Roberts- " Arabian from the tribe  "Benisaid".


A little the present.

You can fall in to Peter differently.
The very simple way from Eylat to go in to Petra to the one-day excursion. Two hours of ride on the outstanding, not are worse than European, to Jordan roads, in the new, Jordan assembling bus - and you are in Petra.


фото №1

the photo of №2

Way in to Peter lies through the narrow gorge and
treasure-house pharaoh's appears suddenly as spectre from
the millenia.



  the photo of №3

Fragments of portico. I am not the expert of architectural terms, but you will focus attention on the triangle above the facade. Like this is similar to the Ancient
Greek porticoes, but not entirely.

the photo of №4

This colonnade - one additional evidence of the fact that
nabatei  were closely familiar with the Greek architecture.


the photo of №5

In the gorge there are many interesting bas reliefs and different sculptural compositions. Most interesting, in my view- "Caravan
". The figure of driver and hoof of camels is well visible. So that image in the skill of simple toilers - this is entirely not the invention of social realism. Unfortunately, "Caravan" strongly
it suffered during the works on the clearing of gorge from the
sand - excavator shovel practically destroyed unique sculptures. Strictly, then them they revealed.
The chute of water line is
on the side visible.



  the photo of №5

To go on the gorge approximately hour those desiring can use the local of "taksi" - similar of "the coach
" or simply the donkey. Immediately it must warn - pleasure not of the cheap.


the photo of №6

All facades of Petra - this of its kind of decoration. Inside practically there is anything - empty accomodations.



  the photo of №7

All this - the city of "corpse" - Nekropol.


 фото №8

But where " the city of living "? Where did live "nabatei" themselves?
- They lived modestly, in the tents. It is worthwhile so already to worry for some several decades of perishable terrestrial life? It is necessary to think about the eternal. Here  nabateii  thought.


Therefore from " the city of iving" little which was preserved.



  the photo of №9

For example, this amphitheatre. I want to note in conclusion that I did not set as a goal to write detailed guide on Peter, but altogether he only shared with impression from the interesting and cognitive trip.





" Mistress of the desert"



the photo №11-  Gyulchatay, open your face!


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  • Guest - Anders Valeria

    Dear Boris,
    I congratulate you with success at the prestigious photo- exhibition! I propose to our colligs to visit it, and by the fact, who far from Israel, can be introduced virtual:
    Борис, поздравляю Вас с успехом на престижной фото-выставке!
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    Ваши фото, как всегда, классные, на высоком уровне, особенно 1- Скрипач .
    Dear Boris, Your photos, as always, class, at the high level, especially № 1 -Violinist.
    With the best wishes,

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Aaron listen to anecdote. [Slovil] Chechen gold [rvbku]. She tells it: - Let go me I will carry out three desires. But it by it: - What is desire? It to it: - Well, here yesterday me the Jew of [slovil] speaks I want ten millions. I gave to it. This, and there is a desire. Chechen gripped small fish and give it to suffocate: - A well say the address of this Jew!!! But well say…

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Аарон слушайте анекдот.
    Словил чеченец золотую рвбку. Она ему говорит:
    - Отпусти меня выполню три желания. А он ей:
    - Что такое желание?
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    Чеченец схватил рыбку и давай её душить:
    - А ну скажи адрес этого еврея!!! А ну скажи...

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  • Guest - Aaron Boris

    to Valeria
    Thanks a lot for comment & help.

    Иегуде - Спасибо. Это те же фото, что и на русской версии.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Неповтороимые сочетания искусства живописи с искусством фото. Иногда трудно отличить одно от другого.
    Как, например, с лошадью с коляской.
    Очень качественные фотографии. Так просто по памяти, мне кажется, что здесь иные фото по сравнению с русским вариантом Так ли?
    Спасибо, Борис.
    Уже соскучились по нашей Енте-Ленте.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Мы уже видели эти фотографии, они интересны и профессиональны

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  • Guest - Anders Valeria

    Dear Boris,
    Thanks for the excellent photographs and for the possibility to see famous Petra!
    Were especially pleased by photos 2 and last 5 photos.
    With the best wishes,

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