Anders Valeria
Betreffende vleeswaren en vleesмafia in Europa. 1- Nieuw vleeswaren SCHANDAAL in Europa In Internet staat informatie over het nieuwe schandaal, dat aan verkoop van grote volumes die giftige producten bevatten, gevaarlijk voor de gezondheid van mensen: "32 treinwagons met vele tonnen giftige vleesproducten werden in beslag genomen aan de Pools-Oekraïense grens in het kader van een onderzoek van Oekraïnse- en Belgische wet-handhaving overheid. Het onderzoek betreft vleeswaren met verhoogde concentratiesvan het giftige dioxine –: het vlees was in voorraad sinds

About the meat products and the "meat мafia" in Europe. 1- New meatproducts SCANDAL in Europa In the Internet appeared the information about the new scandal, connected with sale of large volumes of meat, that contain the toxic products, dangerous for the health of people: 32 Railway waggons with many tons of poisenous meatproducts were confiscated at the Polish-Ukranian border within the framework of an investigation of Ukranian- and Belgian law-enforcement authorities. The investigation deals with meat products with increased contents of the

Anders Valeria
Memory of Hans van Wijngaarden Hans (Johannes Dirk) van Wijngaarden was born on June 30, 1933 in Bevervijk. From his youth on he stood for humanisme, he denied to follow the call for military service on the principle “do not kill” . By court his military service duty was substituted for work in a hospital in the department roentgenology. After completion of his alternative military service term, he went to Philips and started to work in the application laboratory for

Anders Valeria
PLACED SOULS The respected editorial staff of the site planned a dangerous experiment. No, I am not against the new technologies and the renovation of size. But it is not possible to for a long time disregard the authors and the reading audience. The generatrix of the void of time by themselves are filled up how it fell, up to the searches for the sense of life or way of truth, on Russian television channels. Here I, by the culpable

Abilova Dina
I admire the sky with every glance I make at it. I adore it, that divine chameleon. The one side is the night, the other is the day. While your sky above your city is like an endless blue blanket, spotted with white furry caterpillars of legless clouds, mine is satin bluish black, with stars scattered like rhinestones. At nights, the Moon poses for an artist. Sitting at his window he paints pictures of the Moon by candlelight.

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Ipatava Volha
Translated by Vera Rich ©1996 Pulp Faction. Birchsap He departs for the zone as soon as the first snow is off the fields and the roads have dried up. Having spent the night in a local guest-house, he sets out at dawn. The roads to the zone are monitored, but it is possible to go ten kilometres or so before the start of the working day. No birds are singing. Frozen scrub grass cloaks the abandoned houses like wire.

Stolyarov Boris
"The Clash of Civilizations in Gaza Strip" or War in the Middle East Prof. Boris Stolyarov, Israel. We will observe Christ who would say leaving the Calvary: "These creatures are not worth sufferings and tears As they prepare a disaster for themselves." Accidentally or not but the day the war in Gaza Strip began, a renowned American political scientist, philosopher and professor of Harvard University Samuel Huntington passed away. He is an author of "The Clash of Civilizations". This

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