soldatov boris




   Any dome-shaped rune is this Way? It is Way - more soft than the carpet of a city.

    Burning hot corks of transition… Cuts of ledge…

 Ugly thundershowers pinch the color of hairs. Ancestors kick is virtue. Anew think list of sins! Enjoy pain! Add the jerk of ray and, are strong streams of antelope, like flame, - will link the art! Glad kite, with inherent only to him by a cunning, - will swallow the cut of bee, and after, - rudely and dryly will kick a fly. And will appear obvious, that nerves of cynic is this, nothing other as, are gaffs of bell, or even bluebell


                                                                                                                                     Win. 2008.


                                    Unpunishment consumption.


From the center of reduction of chew, the appendages of the backs of head depend.

All these games only are bulges, and more precisely to say are fruits of comfort. Cause are sillies, already a long ago quote the long and refractory types of mockeries, and sale this information - Sorcerers, not knowing that is infected by the dull and unrhythmical overstatement.

Acts of unlucky cretins and swindlers, superfluous time prove immutable truth - Love does not have a deadlock!

Can be given out so, that easy getting up of keel from an abyss, will blow about the crumbs of jungles, and under constraint tiptoes, a reliable sultan accomplishing lummy gun khadzh will produce the doublet of character of pure emptiness!

And these characters, sure, will appear are amulets, from buffs and moist Tuxedo!

Go are many, but ripen only - with imagination.

Truth, as nut is indefinite, and smooth, as shuts out undistinctes or roughnesses.

The law: - it is every not centered store; none other than, is an adroit tick which as chance offers will charm you, and then will lead away in a cave unconscious.


                                                                                                                                     Win. 2008.




The suddenly strained cold - unexpected gladness for a blotting paper.

A majestic hike in a pharmacy - vain expenditure of money and time.

The lots of overdue medicines are a liquid hope on convalescence.

Inoculations? Death? … Physical exercises!

                                                                                                 Win. 2008.


                                                               Photo - fact


Vibration of voice is their dike.

Lent is my true.                                                                                         

A whistle of egg defect is a common concept already. This as, is immersion of tin, in fabric tender cotton, and or printed cotton. Similar act - goes truth which deer-male, mentioned about fifty-fifty. This, vampires tempting a dancing foxtail know also.

Title of pen - exhaustible. Ended and, are the lacks of jetty, under the vaults of which, are gallops, and bone games!

To wait the help is absurdity. It is enclosed.

Really hope only, to the slaves flaying the numbers of lottery?

At that rate, all this - it is necessary to take a picture.

For memory! For history!

.................................................... ......... (Photography goes)........................................

.................................................... ......................stop.


                                                                                                                         Win. 2008.


                                                Some about me.


My doggy cycle, nothing else than is the fractionary mature existence

The size of cycle is comparable, only with flight of nimble hake, swiftly outstripping a waterfall.

Ebb – tide is flowing, a day - night, lady-cats -mice, and intoxications, is fool, rakes, - it everything’s happened…

Welcome to a bar of short essay!




                                                                    Wet nurse.


Satisfied collision, hidden in one phase of consent. Mass of stylus, editing of telephones is it is attractive, at any time.

The inverted attention is the next sheet of success!

Nothing unreal: lost lye, falsifications of vital acts,

sources of unturbid consciousness, bulge sense of smell, official clay mug is all of it is eventual, my permission on motion.

Convincingly comport and, are skills on a reflection and, is enthusiasticness from

womb fermentation.

So, where you are - the wet nurse!





                                                        Riving tap ghost rotor

                                                        Chew here cheek tryst

                                                         In biff eland jet turbo

                                                        Courtney few on skew

                                                                     Rethink it jeer hair dye




                                         Eve Ride jiffy

                                        Jetty fluffs craft

                                       Cabi n by verity



                                                                          Cuban path.                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                            Extent skid optics

                                                                         Rife sum any liken flame

                                                                                Uncle given



Dabble ankh

Jog untrue sense rolls

Kops drew Afghan joy

Knout gaffed law skull

Medium fry show plan


Child [boys] widened cult refers peeve

Riving vizier gully retorts

Sky here cheeky  tryst

Any, buff dent jute throb

Buchner azure on coyer

Axe rehabbing yet one venom




                                                          Eating bee cut

                                                          Stench rough

                                                             Kick dryly fly.         



        Anni-Kristina Juuso


Take to the air runty polar,

Sky in doubt push on limber.

Couch take Fin able solar,

Sunday she bins racing lasher.


Crab toys as eve citify bay

Den in amble gain it self

Jump upriver bent swap go

Cut jiffs yummy on belief

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