Nutrikhina Natalia


* * *

I don't want to fly by plane

I am afraid for the lives of the passengers!

I'm afraid my plane will fall down

when we reach your town!

And experts will say

after discovering all the details about the crash

that the plane had overcome

earthly gravitation,

but could not overcome

my gravitation

to you.


Translated by Ilya Fonyakov

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  • Guest - soldatov boris

    thans for poetry Natasha!
    my english too poor to discribe yours magic situation by plane
    i think we all need for a friend!

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Dear Natalia!
    На этих двух словах мои познаия в english, к сожалению, исчерпываются. Русский,увы,постепенно забываю. Мне легче написать Вам на иврите:

    יחנ המיהבמנ בג בעכעאר בסמנ י י הנבכגבסקצתמח מחינהכבגדבס צמיטכ מנמצח צלתךלךתצמנהבץתצמ נמינהעכ הע נ מיכענהבכג

    Для тех, кто не в ладах с ивритом:
    Thank you!

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  • Guest - Nutrikhina Natalia

    Thanks to Irina Korovkina, Hans and Doctor Yefim for your responses!

    I am happy you liked my poem.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Dear Natalia,
    The poem is wonderful: the attraction of the loving people is stronger than the terrestrial gravity.
    Thanks to the author and to translator,
    with the respects,
    by doctor Yefim.

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  • Guest - Hans van Wijngaarden.

    This is good poetry but a little besides reality.
    I have been flying at least 500 times and had never a problematic flight besides some delay.
    No need to be afraid of flying.
    But the poetry is stll nice - thank you.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    It is very beautiful. Thanks

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