Mendelson Yehuda
### ...And so, we relax the skeleton"s muscles. The relaxation process is felt in many different ways amongst which are a pleasant tiredness, a feeling of warmth or coolness in various organs, a feeling of pleasant heaviness in various organs and more). As result of relaxing all the muscles many different aches and pains can disappear, particularly those which are caused by muscle strain or spasm such as a "jammed" neck, back pain, arthritic pains, repetitive strain injury pain

Mendelson Yehuda
The explanations which follow are quite simple. They are based on the common questions which were asked by those patients who have tried to comprehend the basics of our method. Amongst the general public, including many in the medical world who are not familiar with the theory and practice of medical hypnosis, there exist biased and wrong opinions about hypnosis. The public which has gained most of its" information or rather disinformation from public shows of "magicians" who perform various

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