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The Great Chinese Wall












 Instead of pampers


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    [url=] [/url]

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    Dear Natasha,
    thanks for the excellent photos of simple people from China and for the humanism of your articles! Roberto

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    Greetings, Nataly! Here I have reached this twilight part of a site!
    I shall test this part of island :-_

    Yuans on a raincoat I store and I hope to visit China the tourist! :-)

    Greetings to you from my mum! It was pleased with your amusing story about victims of "marketing"

    Up to fast! Call on Skype. Also forgive for awful "English" :-)

    Yours faithfully, comrade Khaustov

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  • Guest - Vedenina Nataly

    Many thanks to Yury, Hans & Gila.
    Merci a Diane.

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    Un grand merci pour ces très belles photos d''un monde lointain et différent, et qui se rapproche de nous par l''intermédiaire de ceux qui nous en parlent ou nous en montrent des photos.

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    Thanks for letting us enjoy the pics, they r great!
    makes me also wanna go there...
    keep on traveling and sharing!


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    Dear Irina,

    The pictures you made in China are good and interesting. The teared short is a good comic -
    the guy has been working really hard.
    I have never been in China - I''ve seen many countries around, but not China.
    The man with the lamp decoration is also funny.
    The washing women at the waterside is from all times and places.

    Thanks for the photographs, best regards,

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    Thanks for the excellent photographs. I read your interesting reporting on the Russian version of this site, it were confident, that it will be interesting also for the English readers.
    With the respect,

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