Anders Valeria
Memory of Hans van Wijngaarden Hans (Johannes Dirk) van Wijngaarden was born on June 30, 1933 in Bevervijk. From his youth on he stood for humanisme, he denied to follow the call for military service on the principle “do not kill” . By court his military service duty was substituted for work in a hospital in the department roentgenology. After completion of his alternative military service term, he went to Philips and started to work in the application laboratory for

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Belotsky Sandro
The Truth About Gaza Strip (sent from Jerusalem) Around 3000 missiles have been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. The bombardment has been on-going over 7 years already. Rockets cover large populated areas - Sderot, Netivot, Ashkelon... Over the recent months Hamas has gotten new generation rockets which reach Beer-Sheva, Ashdod, Gan-Yavne, Gedera. Terrorists try to hit kindergartens and schools. They bombard solely the Israeli civilians. Militants get paid and get their weapons mostly from Iran. The

Belotsky Sandro
Respected colleagues! I write this note on the significant occasion: the editorial board of our site published two books - “The splinters of empire” with the verses Valeria Anders-van Wijngaarden, Alexander Andreevskiy, Mikhail Etelzona and yours obedient servant, and also the book of Semem Taleysnik “The notes of doctor”. Verses and stories have been published on the site since 2005. To verses “The splinters of empire” is introduced the thin and expressive preface of editor Vera Stremkovsky; compiler

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