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What were these  elegant and the high-quality made black model shoes? They were made on  special-order from the soul and with a feeling of appreciation  presented to me by the masters of one of the factories of sewing the personal clothing,  in the city Zheshov of the Polish People's Republic. There we were invited for a visit after successful operations of the heaviest craniocerebral injuries, produced to two local plodders, who built the vegetable storages in Donbass and, who, having slightly overimbibed, by chance, fell from the construction scaffolding. After visiting Poland at the invitation of the administration of this construction company, we were given affection and gifted by them from the soul and living conditions, with organization of nourishment (only in  restaurants!), and by entertainments and by excursions through entire Poland. By including made urgently to order were taken here measure outstanding model shoes for me and the manager of the neurosurgical department, invitations together with me to visit

 I carried at first these shoes to the discharge of new, put on them on special occasions. Then they transferred  into the discharge of working foot-wear, and, after being gathered into the journey around different cities, it put on, as the reliable and strong foot-wear, will not deceive. It, it seemed, to removal it will not be. But mistake left, and I counted, after forgetting, that  everything sooner or later comes to an end. True, these shoes proved to be special. Usually growing old foot-wear like anything else, shows some warning signs. The signs of the obsolescence appear at it: worn-out condition, rents, thinning, bend, wrinkle on the leather foot-wear. Holes can appear. Wears down at the heels and the sole is rubbed, It can lag and "request porridge", as they speak. But this did entirely not exist. And I left in these shoes. And not somewhere intu a small neglected town [Khatsapetovku] or even into Odessa, not into Haifa or Tel Aviv, but into London, into the capital of the Misty Albion!

 And here  is the boundary into an  excellent solar day, rare for these rainy days, after being detached away from the group for the purpose of desired shopping, I proved to be almost in the center of Oxford- Street. This commercial Mecca of London where are  located  its most famous stores. By such as Selfridges with its famous hours of “Queen time” on the facade - by the residency card of entire Oxford- Street, “the dear family department store of Great Britain”, as is called Debenhams and others. True, the most known to tourists department store of Harrods, owners of which is the sadly known family Mohammed al -[Fayed], forever connected with princess Diana's name, is located not far off to Knightsbridge, but by the motto of the department store it would be possible to consider the motto of all stores of this street “by all, to each and absolutely all”. In any case, for me there was all, which was urgently necessary by me. And immediately, since my sudden misfortune was in its own way tragicomic, and the position seemed hopeless.

 I felt at some moment that the toes of my foot, I do no longer recall which - right or  left, but this is not so important, they proved to be free from the foot-wear, and they became cool. After casting a look downward, I saw, that the foot is located at angle to the shoe that they were seemingly radiated by the letter “V”. Nose edge, glory to the God, were entire, but I was discouraged by that happening and for the first time in so many years I muttered something bad at the address of my dear foot-wear. Although to be scolded by mat on Oxford- Street it would not be worthwhile, I hope that no one caught or simply understood clearly Russian language. Visualize, as appears an elderly gentleman on the pavement of the populous street of London city, that stands in the torn shoes and scolding  bad words. First of all it prevents progressive advance on the populous pavement. By the way, for slow pedestrian traffic on Oxford- Street authorities in 2001 made a sensational statement about the penalty of 10 pounds from the guilty. I do not know if  this warning has been carried out, but they went around me silently and they did not call policemen . But which was made to me, did I think , costing, as basketball player with the ball in the hand or it is more accurate almost without the shoe on the foot? What Passage!

After moving to some metallic enclosure before the store by back forward, without tearing off shoes from the asphalt or tile, also I do not remember, until it is rested, after leaning about, or after being forced against it, I attempted to fill the forward section of the foot back in shoes, which succeeded and it viewed. And it thought: to take cab and to rush into the hotel did  not make sense, since there were besides slippers  no other  foot-wear  waiting, but facing still half of the days of a stay and heap of the outlined excursions. It means, it is necessary to find a shoe store and  urgently buy foot-wear. But for the accomplishment of this objective it proved to be sufficient to cast a look to the building behind itself. Mystical agreement! Before me there was enormous store with the enormous eloquent signboard on the facade and with the foot-wear in his shop windows of every kind. There I, happily, was dragged through on the pavement. If not this agreement, then I must, probably tie up the sole, as peasants of my native land in the old - old years tied up bast sandals. Interestingly, no matter by what I could make then?There would be a big task. But it was not required. 

 In the store to me rushed using and everything immediately, together  in the clean English, " very  intelligible " to me language, they asked: - " How can we help you ? " - “What you will deign to purchase?” To what I easily transferred mentally these phrases, understanding them authentically and immediately. As the answer I also, “on the custom of Englishmen”, silently showed on, the protruding from the yawning mouth of the former shoe, part of the foot and in the “refined” and, it goes without saying, “irreproachable” English itself (approximately, by such, as  I talk with Hans, when I please ask Valerie to the telephone) said (with a certain labor, truth) that are necessary not expensive, but convenient foot-wear in order to be packed in the chosen for the purchases available. The latter I did not say, but he thought about itself.

 Already for several years I burden in summer the present English  chamois shoes with the belt, convenient and beautiful. Elegant and not expensive - 25 pounds , then approximately 150 shekels. But my Polish shoes, which me thus brought in the very center of the capital of Great Britain, on Oxford- Street, accurately (they nevertheless served properly sufficiently time) packed in the box from my new shoes and negligently it lowered into the basket for the garbage. The salesmen, who attended me, mysteriously smiled. It is white-toothed and it is affable…

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  • Guest - Taleisnik Semion

    Дорогой Владимир! Признаю, что не узнал, но это сути моего ответа не меняет и думаю, что наши мнения и отношение к прошлому созвучны.
    С уважением, Семён.

    Expensive Vladimir! I recognize that it did not learn, but this of the essence of my answer does not change even I think that our opinions against the relation to the past are consonant.
    With the respect, Semion.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Вообще-то я предпологал,дорогой Семен что Вы меня узнаете по потчерку...С уваженим Вл.Борисов...

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  • Guest - Taleisnik Semion

    Уважаемый Гость! Не Россия, не Украина в этом не виноваты, ибо свободно, при наличии средств, ездили из этих страны люди за границу и в начале прошлого и в позапрошлые века. Учиться, лечиться, путешествовать, в гости. Пока на возник после октябрьского переворота тоталитаризм, не закрылся \"железный занавес\" и не только чтобы шпионы-вредители не проникали, а чтобы наш народ не знал иной жизни и счастливо продолжал жить в самой лучшей стране...Вот и дожили до того, как Вы справедливо подметили : \"- коли обычный человек,не вор,не бизнесмен , может посмотреть мир только поменяв подданство...\" Так оно и получилось в моём случае. Кроме Болгарии и, случайно, Венгрии и Югославии, мне и не снилось побывать во многих местах. Конечно существовали две причины: Не выпускали и не хватило бы денег даже при моей доцентской зарплате. Грустно об этом вспоминать...

    Respected guest! Not Russia, not the Ukraine in this they are not guilty, since freely, with the presence of means, drove from these of the country the people abroad both at the beginning of the past and into the before last centuries. To learn, to be treated, to travel, in guests. Thus far on arose after October revolution totalitarianism, was not shut \" iron [zanaves]\" and not only so that the spy- wreckers would not penetrate, and so that our people would not know another life and happy would continue to live in best country… here and lived before you correctly they noticed: \" - if usual person, not pilferer, not businessman, can look the peace only to change the citizenship… of \" So it came out in my case. Besides Bulgaria and, by chance, Hungary and Yugoslavia, to me it did not dream to visit many places. Certainly there were two reasons: They did not let out and money would not be sufficient even with my docents wage . It is sad about this to recall…

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Все как всегда хорошо и славно, но вот что за странности происходят в моей не знающей доселе зависти душе...?Вот читаю я иной раз о ваших и не ваших похождениях по Европам и Америкам и размышляю тоскливо плюя со своего балкона на чахлую московскую растительность: Да что же за страна такая хитрая-Россия,коли обычный человек,не вор,не бизнесмен , может посмотреть мир только поменяв подданство? Тоска господа,а тут еще сайт не работает...

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  • Guest - Taleisnik Semion

    Уважаемый Гость! Мне понравился Ваш анекдот, подходящий к теме моей заметки про туфлю в Лондоне. Остроумно и смешно. Спасибо.

    Respected guest! Your anecdote, which is suitable the theme of my note about the shoe in London, was pleased to me. It is ingenious and it is ridiculous. Thanks.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Идёт турок по центральной улице Берлина.
    Навстречу немец.
    Смотрит немец, а у турка на ногах всего одна туфля. Подходит немец к турку и говорит:
    - Извините, но вы, наверное, одну туфлю потеряли.
    А турок отвечает:
    - Нет! Я одну нашёл.
    [Idet] Turk along the central street of Berlin. Towards German. Looks German and in Turk on the feet only one shoe. Approaches German the Turk and he says: - You will excuse, but you, probably one shoe lost. But Turk answers: - No! I found one.

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  • Guest - Taleisnik Semion

    Прежде всего, соглашусь с Вашим замечанием о не совсем удачной или совсем неудачной моей фразе, которую Вы заметили. Постараюсь с благодарностью внести возможные исправления.
    Напрасно Вы скромничаете и не рассказываете нам о превратностях свой жизни с самой важной для постоянно идущего в поисках фактов и натуры журналиста - обуви. Хочу надеяться, что дождёмся.
    Спасибо за отклик.

    First of all, I will agree with your observation about the not entirely successful or entirely unsuccessful my phrase, which you noted. I will try with the appreciation to introduce possible corrections. In vain you pretend modesty and do not tell to us about the wrongness your of life from the very important for that constantly going in search of the facts and nature of journalist - foot-wear. I want to hope that. Thanks for the response.

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    Дорогой Доктор, с удовольствием причитал Ваш ботиночный пассаж.
    Вспомнилось мгновенно и бесчисленное множество личных пассажей с ботинками. Их было тьма и тьмы, но я еще не созрел, чтобы рискнуть их описать! Ботинки ведь были самым слабым, самым уязвимым, самым ранимым звеном нашего гардероба.
    P/S В строчке - «Туда мы были приглашены погостить после
    удачных операций при тяжелейших черепно-мозговых травмах, произведенным двум
    местным работягам, строившим овощехранилища в Донбассе, и которые, слегка
    перепив, невзначай, упали со строительных лесов» я почему-то чуть-чуть споткнулся. Может быть ее (строчку) можно переделать?
    С уважением, Валерий, Бердянск.

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  • Guest - Taleisnik Semion

    Уважаемая Фаина! Спасибо Вам за отклик, вызвавший ассоциацию с приведенной Вами историей - приключениями в Лондоне. Я там тоже однажды отстал от группы и чувствовал себя как на \"необитаемом острове\" среди огромного числа людей, говоривших на непонятном языке. Наприятное чувство и я Вас понимаю.
    Все такси в Англии - это чёрные устаревшей формы машины, напоминающие наши довоенные \"Эмки\" и называются они, как и когда-то упомянутые Вами одноконные кареты, - кэбами, согласно свойственным англичанам приверженности к традициям... Слово такси там наверное тоже правомочно, но его у жителей Лондона не услышишь.

    Respected Faina! Thanks to you for the response, which caused association with the history - adventures in London given by you. I there also once remained the group and felt itself as to \"on the uninhabited island\" among the huge number of people, which spoke in the incomprehensible language. The discomfort feeling and I you understand. All taxi in England - this black of the obsolete form of machine, which resemble our prewar of \" [Emki]\" and are called they, as the once mentioned by you one-horse coaches, by cabs, according to the characteristic Englishmen of adherence to the traditions… The word of taxi there surely is also competent, but you will not hear it in the inhabitants of London.

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  • Guest - Taleisnik Semion

    Respected of seeds! As always, your story about the adventure in London is interesting and in its Polish part and London, you know how to entice the reader by any cases from your life. In me to Oxford - Street was also the gripping, almost tragic adventure. There was the last day of tour into London, 5 hours - registration in the airport. The group left to inspect Windsor Castle, and I, after the absence of money, went to Trafalgar Square in order to free of charge look pictures in national Galery.Hours through two into 2 I it was alien on Oxford- Street in order to leave 12 by bus into the hotel, for long it sat through on the stoppage, admiring the forms of London in the purchased guide, until it turns attention, that 12 bus does not walk, street in the block from me is partitioned by the by the police machines. I wos rushed to search for the following stoppage, it went for long, it visited on Oksforв - Street there, where the street was reduced, luxurious houses and there were no stores, but also stoppage also was not located. It was already the more 3rd hours of day. It broke into a run conversely in complete panic: all, everyone will fly away without me, I without the kopeck of money and knowing not united word on English, I cannot purchase another ticket to the aircraft and fly away home, which with me will be, but which will be with my family without me? To take taxi? But I cannot explain to chauffeur, where to go, yes even the remained 10 dollars will hardly be sufficient to pay. It was shock, this was impact on all emotions! Finally, fortune took pity must by me and I saw in the unknown region stoppage and bus 12. When it arrived in the hotel, all with the trunks left from it and sat down themselves into the bus in order to go into the airport. Already 10 minutes and I would remain in England. Seeds, the very small observation: cab - one-horse coach. You, obviously, wanted to say - taxi.

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