Stolyarov Boris

"The Clash of Civilizations in
Gaza Strip"
or  War in the Middle East

Prof. Boris Stolyarov, Israel.

 We will observe Christ who would say leaving the Calvary:
"These creatures are not worth sufferings and tears
As they prepare a disaster for themselves."


Accidentally or not but the day the war in Gaza Strip began, a renowned American political scientist, philosopher and professor of Harvard University Samuel Huntington passed away.

He is an author of "The Clash of Civilizations". This is the exact term to describe what's going on in Mideast nowadays, and generally - in all countries of the world, where Muslims and Arabs from Mideast and Middle Asia migrate to. They say God Almighty teaches those he loves by offering trials in form of conflicts with those they loathe.

Mass media now carefully assesses Israel's war operation in Gaza Strip preferring to condemn Israel obliquely, by showing "mass protests" of Palestinians in various countries.

Why did France, Russia, China, Greece, Turkey and Norway summon Israel "to stop aggression immediately"? These countries face problems with aggressive Islamists. France - with Arab migrants, Russia - with wahhabists and terrorists from the Northern Caucasus, China - with Uygurs who are being executed after conviction.

As for the northern boundaries of our country, Israel warned Syria and Lebanon of reciprocal actions, should Hezbollah lets out a single rocket in the southern direction. It was accepted with silence - Israel was not joking this time.

As far as France is concerned, I'd like to quote out the Russian Orthodox publishing house "Lepta" commenting on Elena Chudinova's novel "The Mosque of Notre Dame de Paris: 2048".  "A famous author's genre is anti-utopia about our future. The EU proclaims Islam a statutory religion and Notre Dame de Paris becomes a Cathedral Mosque, like what has happened with Saint Sofia's Cathedral in Constantinople. Terrorism & opposition, ghetto and catacombed Catholic Church - a severe prophecy or reality? We are to make a choice... "

A heading in some Russian press: "Gaza Strip was lead covered." A question to Russia: And Georgia - did you pour it upon with honey?

What has surprised? Iranian Jews demonstrated against Israel's "savage actions". Are they OK? Do you remember Anti-Zionist committee, whose members had no idea about what Zionism was?

And what about Iranian leading reformist newspaper "Kargozaran", having been banned over publication a piece criticizing Palestinian militants and justifying Israel's regime? Quoting: "...the Palestinian terrorists cause the deaths of children and civilians by taking up positions in kindergartens and hospitals."

It is worth to mention that not all Palestinians in Gaza support Hamas - according to one of the Arab TV channel's query of 2 January, only 4% do. And back on 30 December people protested against bombardment of Israel.

In 1973 Arabs were humiliated - Israelis occupied African shore of the Suez Canal and stopped 40 km off Damask, Syria. In return, the Arab world has revenged upon the rest of the world: oil prices blatantly surged: here's to you for Israel' victory. And mainly since that year Europeans have started to love Arabs. Europeans climb the steep Atlantic seashore with confidence...To get thrown down by Arabs into the leaden oceanic waters...

I liked the statement of the Czech MFA: "I'm too old to seek popularity through condemnation of Israel."

The League of Arab States' reaction was worthy of note. At this time, instead of usual conviction of Israel they boycotted Hamas. And not in a customary florid style but rather strongly as they got used to blame Israel before.

Russia, as a member of Islamic Conference, can be understood - there are 20% of population Muslims, there is an internal resistance plus necessity to cooperate with colleagues in oil and gas industry.

Israel should unconditionally express its disagreement with the presence in Gaza Strip of soldiers of the countries which were "against". Because they are Israel's enemies. And those countries who opposed terror could have generated there, in my view, mechanisms of work and not violence.

Isn't it weird the world does not dictate its conditions to Palestinians when transferring huge sums of money to them? It is similar to feeding beasts near a dwelling house. When it comes to signing a "peaceful" treaty with Abu Mazen or someone else, the following 4 compulsory points should be incorporated:

1)      Each rocket launched by Gaza Strip will be shelled back by Israel - for prophylactics.

2)      Financial streams to Gaza and their consummation must be strictly administered by a special international expert commission

3)      The boundaries - Egyptian and around Philadelphia Corridor - should be under surveillance of a special international military brigade backed by UN, EU, Israel and Arab League.

4)      "International Humanitarian funds" should be removed from Gaza Strip because they create tension in this part of the world.

The King of Jordan (Jordan is a homeland of Palestinians and Kaddafi) has vouched against Israel by blaming Arabs over cowardice. He's the King! Of course no-one pays attention to Libya - he is a bandit who walks with his head still on while it should be off.

Abu Mazen, a biological Anti-Semite, whose son renounced from him, is celebrating Hamas' extermination and has called Arabs upon to intifada. The son, now a Canadian entrepreneur, was asked by journalists to comment on his father's call, smiled skeptically - what he can call upon?

During the times of stillness, "grad" rockets had been smuggled to Gaza Strip through Egyptian borders. Hypocritical Egypt announced that Hamas was to blame and that Egypt allegedly admonished Hamas it would incur troubles by playing games. Also, Egypt blamed Hamas of sacrificing Palestinian civilians and leaving them uncared for: "Where are they, the Hamas leaders of today? Hidden in bunkers?"

And I'm asking - where is logic? On the one hand they want to get in heaven, on the other - shiver in front of the rockets. Cairo should not have made a mess of a thing or - f..k you.

Hamas uses rockets manufactured in China and smuggled to Gaza Strip through Egyptian border 12 days after the border had been blown up by Hamas on 23 January 2007. After its restoration, rockets were smuggled through underground tunnels near Philadelphia Corridor. Secret services advised radicals imported a big deal of weapons. There are several stops on the way from China to Gaza Strip. According to bills of lading, it was solely Iran, however "grads" never were shipped to Iran. Israeli secret services were monitoring rockets' itinerary which happened to be as follows: China-Yemen-Eritrea-Sudan-Northern Egypt and - by the underground tunnels, to Gaza Strip.

The French are silly in terms of their ceasefire offer. Having realized there is a scope for an offer of suspension of hostilities, Europeans started pouring offers as from a horn of plenty. Following the French Bernard Kouchner, a little known (so far) general secretary of the European Council Terry Davis has crawled forth to make his career on Israel. He called upon to completely stop pounding the territory of Gaza with a deadly air blitz and recommence process of peaceful regulation. Where has he been for all these 8 years, long before this operation started and when Israel had been shelled by "casams", daily and nightly? Better go back to where you came from! 

It is hard to understand why the world-ruling losers, unable to cope with Iran, give advices to Israel. Because Israel permitted them to give itself advices and it is proved by its past. In meanwhile there is a simple rule: don't put on white gloves to greet an idiot in whatever relationship you are but take them off and give a good punch. Keeping silent means waiting for a next idiotic advice.

Israel does have its fifth column: Arabs and the left. The latter are most disgusting when rallying Israel's streets together with Arabs under Palestinian flags. And police preserves them from the right youth. I would recommend follow in for Russia's footsteps in this issue - afterwards opposition always finds itself on a plank-bed, in hospitals or cemeteries.

Luckily, not the whole world has gone crazy in interpreting the current events. The USA has stated that the ceasefire should only be reached after Hamas has completely stopped bombarding Israel. The Czechs supported, and the German counselor Angela Merkel categorically charged Hamas, not Israel, with responsibility for this military operation and called terrorists to put an end to the attacks. Leaders of Canada, Italy, Australia have unanimously sustained Israel.

Arabs' craftiness knows no limit. They keep missiles in mosques, hospital, schools, residential areas. They shoot from the roofs of untouchable dwelling houses; dress up as doctors, women, teachers; put on religious clothes although their faces clearly say: bandits.

The specially trained subdivisions recognize them, arrest, convict and send to jails, from where the specially trained politicians release them. To start this all over again...Where could these Israeli politicians be referred to? Maybe Russia will agree to accept them for training?

One has to ascertain - oil advances the world's economy AND oil advances terror. How can Hamas afford buying guns? And it's not only about assistance of Iran and Arab countries. 

Arabs prevail in numbers practically in all global institutions. They constitute 10% of population of Europe and 20% that of Russia. They managed to establish organizations of humanitarian aid to Palestinians within UN and EU. Surely they do not supply guns directly but money to buy those deadly weapons and political weapons to cover Hamas up. Today's Russia's policy is coming to an end. 83% of Russians support Israel in the military operation against Hamas - according to "Moscow's Echo" radio query. The Internet polls show the same numbers.

Hamas's neck can be broken only by Palestinians. They do not share or understand Hamas' ideas. As I wrote before, only 4% of Palestinians in Gaza Strip support Hamas. At last, the soldiers of the Israeli Defence Army were not given white gloves and the Army started to wage war the "war way", not for kicks. The accuracy of Israel's attacks provided by hi-tech weapons as well as their misses will be later studied by the military in institutes.

The world's opinion: Israel is 100% right. Not a single state should put up with daily rocket shelling and killing by terrorists of its civilians. Israel is the only democratic country in the Mideast, a 7 million enclave of the West, of the Free world in a 70 million hostile Arabic environment growing, arming, financing and supplying Palestinian terrorists for over 60 years.

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  • Guest - H.van Wijngaarden

    We support this article.
    There is one point I would like to make.
    To my opinion there is a difference between the Islam religion(s) and Islam culture.
    "Islam" women dressing and other habits are not religious but cultural habits.
    Islam leaders are sometimes misusing the Islam culture to reach their goals (be it political -
    economical (oil !)or other forms of power.
    This does, however, not change the approach of
    terroristic groups - they only recognise the word of the fist.
    To my estimation not more than 5% of Islam people are supporting in their heart these groups.
    the overwhelming majority keeps silent or support only by mouth.


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