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  About terror.

21/7 , 14 days after 7/7 , again a terrorist attack in London.

Mercifully there are now no victims – one wounded person has been reported.

This time it looks if the terrorists wanted to cause confusion and commotion by scaring the population. In that they succeeded – for the shock and fear are much larger then two weeks ago when there were so many victims. That is the goal of terrorists – disruption of   society – of social life.

Terrorist know that they can’t win in any normal way, but in one or another way they are convinced (through brainwashing) that they do it for faith, for Allah or for God.

They claim it is for the purity of faith, but how can faith be pure with blood on  hands ?

            There is no purity with blood on hands

             There is no purity in promising heaven when you kill

             There is no purity in pressing young people into suicide actions

 There is no purity in pressing their families by promising 25.000 $ for the                             

  life of their children.



In Holland was murdered the critic and cineast   Theo van Gogh by a Muslim murderer who also claimed  to serve faith and Allah. The murderer called it an execution ordered by his faith – he is a soldier of Allah and hoped to be shot by the police after his action.

In court he did not want any council or defence – he simply declared himself guilty.



I think that nowadays only Muslims are naming non-Muslims “infidels”.

In older times also Christians had such idea’s . At the time of the Reformations the followers of reformated  leaders were named heretics and the inquisition tortured them and put them at the stake in the name of God. That time is (almost) behind us .



Back to the terrorists of our time: statistics demonstrate that 80 %  of terrorist attacks are caused by Muslims. I am sure however, that only a small fraction of Muslim society supports these terrorist  activities. But still, in one or other way there is in that religion a substrate which grows more terrorist activists than in other religions.



After the first terrorist attack in London – which was the more shocking since it is so nearby – I felt anger  about that aimless action.  Especially I felt angry about the persons who organized  in cold blood the attacks  and who are cowards who will not join their

misleaded  activists in suicide. They are far worse than the human instruments they use for their attacks. See for that the attacks in New York - Bali – Madrid and now London – not to forget the attacks  in several other places. Specially in Iraq where mainly their own Muslim citizens are murdered with the aim to cause maximum disruption and  to delay the start of a democratic process.



Back to my feelings: after the anger around the attacks, I started to worry about the longer term effects. These effects are distrust and suspicion between population groups who were before living comfortable  in acceptance and tolerance. I can’t estimate to what that will lead. Also the Islamic population in European countries is very worried about the effects of the suicide attacks. A problem is that you can’t blame the Quoran.

We have to remember all the atrocities committed in name of  God and the Bible not so long ago.

When Christian and Muslim leaders will not  act in wisdom (which include prevention ) the terrorist leaders will succeed in their attempts to create confusion and distance between population groups.

I have been in many Islamic countries and I felt comfortable there.

But the recent  suicide attacks also confused me. Those terrorist leaders succeeded  in making me uneasy. I think that I would hesitate to visit certain countries without some serious study of the conditions – not only medical but also socially.



Still I am not gloomy , only carefull.



Hans van Wijngaarden.





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  • Guest - Hans van Wijngaarden.

    Dear Boris,
    Thank you for your information regarding two terroristic attacks. I remember the attack to the
    Aeroflot plane, but not the names.
    It is of course strange that the Brazinkas couple was permitted residence in USA.
    On the other hand - it was still the Cold War time, so the USA was hoping to receive inside information and maybe contacts.
    So, that was a pure political decision as happened
    so many times.
    Thank you for comment,
    Hans van Wijngaarden.

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  • Guest - Aaron Boris

    Dear Hans,
    Speaking about terror, we have to remember many facts then terrorists activity has been blessed and accepted by so called liberal public opinion.
    Year 1878 - the case of Vera Zasulich, Russia, Saint Petersburg. Vera Zasulish, who shoot to general Trepov, has been declared not guilty.
    1970. Father & son Brazinskas, took the Aeroflot aircraft , killed the stewardess , wounded some screw members, and forced the plane to land in Turkey. The Turkey government refused to give out them to Soviet authorities, some time after the Brazinskases got US green card.
    More about Brazinskases you can read here.

    Best regards, Boris

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  • Guest - 'Guest'

    I congratulate with the discovery of English version. Successes. It read with the interest.

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