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The explanations which follow are quite simple. They are based on the common questions which were asked by those patients who have tried to comprehend the basics of our method. Amongst the general public, including many in the medical world who are not familiar with the theory and practice of medical hypnosis, there exist biased and wrong opinions about hypnosis. The public which has gained most of its" information or rather disinformation from public shows of "magicians" who perform various "tricks" on films and television shows whose main aim is to impress and stun the viewer and to thereby force the viewer to come to the next show.
What I am going to discuss now has nothing to do with these type of things. I shall discuss hypnosis as a medical method which is able to heal and act as a painkiller, to improve both the physical and mental state of the patient and also to optimize a healthy person"s performance in the fields of concentration, memory, mental development and optimizing a person"s usage of his energies. I repeat that there are no tricks involved and that hypnosis is part of general medicine which is already studied as a matter of course at the medical faculties of the leading universities, both in Israel and abroad.
According to Israeli Law, the practice of medical hypnosis is limited to doctors, dentists and psychologists all of whom must first have undergone the required training and have the appropriate permits. I would not advise anyone to undergo treatment by a "specialist" who is not licensed to practice: In untrained hands hypnosis can do more harm than good. There is no shortage in Israel of trained doctors who are familiar with the subject and are members of the Association of Medical and Experimental
Hypnosis. Some doctors are also members of the International Society of Medical and Experimental Hypnosis. Every doctor who so wishes can undergo appropriate training at Haifa University or private courses and then continue studying under the auspices of the National Hypnosis Society and also in the clinics of approved medical professionals. Every practitioner has his own specific attitude and method although all are based on the same theories and principles which are accepted in the medical profession. I shall discuss specifically my own method.
In one sentence I would describe my method as follows: During the hypnotic session I teach the patient how to relax all the muscles in the body. The obvious question is, why go to a hypnotherapist in order to learn relaxation? Would it not be more obvious to go to a gym, to yoga or meditation? It is true that all of these deal in relaxation. Additionally, in yoga and mediation there is a lot of hypnotic principle involved although many in those fields will refuse to admit so. At a certain stage of learning the art of relaxation it becomes possible to relax and let go not only the general muscles but also the many internal ones such as the lungs or veins and arteries. The last two as we shall soon explain are particularly important in our method.

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