Aaron Boris

 An Easter Blessing -  by Nicholas Gordon

Bless this day the joy of life,
The revelation of the flesh,
The paradise of man and wife
Joined to share the gift of bliss.

Bless this day the pain of life,
The passion that redeems the flesh,
The love between a man and wife
Beyond all agony and bliss.

Bless this day the end of life,
The peace within the dying flesh,
The bond between a man and wife
That long outlasts their bit of bliss.

Bless this day the whole of life,
The grace of being more than flesh,
The voyage of a man and wife
Across the mystery of bliss




Notre Dame de Carmel. Haifa

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  • Guest - Aaron Boris

    Dear Hans, photos are mine, but the poetry is of Nicolas Gordon.
    My English is not so good, unfortunately.
    Happy Easter, Boris

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  • Guest - Anders Valeria

    Dear Boris,
    Thank you very much for your poetry on the occasion of Eastern.
    The photo\'s are nice and to the point at Eastern.

    Thank you once more and wish you happy Eastern days.
    Hans and Valeria .

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